Our Cups are full. We do need pants, sanitary products and cash to support schooling

Together we can make a difference!

Together we can make a difference!

Recycled Bras

‘Your Smalls Appeal’ seeks to advance the health of young girls and women in developing countries.

Starting in the Gambia with strong links to the Wullingkumma Nursery School and Lower Basic and medical centre. We send recycled or new bras which are vital for the healthy development of young growing girls. Sending recycled bras not only helps girls and women but the environment. From the first shipment in 2016, your donated bras have given support and comfort to girls and women making them feel Bratastic!

Late 2017 the ‘Your Smalls Appeal’ connected with a charity in Mombasa, Kenya to provide starter bras to the young school girls and menstruation kits. If you would like to get involved please send your details. Funds go towards the shipping of bras and pants, plus ensuring every girl is given a menstruation kit and where possible an education. Together we can make a difference! Join the Bratastic! and see what a difference you can make.