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Changing the Future for Girls in Africa

As a woman, I believe that every girl in the world deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams and achieve their potential. Unfortunately, in many parts of Africa, girls face significant barriers to education and opportunity. However, there are ways that we can help change the future for girls in

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Period poverty

Period Poverty Needs To End!

In the year 2022 period poverty should not be a thing, all girls, women, and people that menstruate should have access to safe sanitary products. This unfortunately is not the case for everyone, period poverty is very real and according to Global Citizen period poverty affects around 500 million people across

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Reusable menstruation kits

The Effects of Period Poverty

Despite menstruation being a monthly fact of life for almost half the world’s population, period poverty affects women and girls across the globe. Millions lack access to essential menstrual products such as sanitary towels, as well as safe and hygienic spaces in which to use them.   What Is Period

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Donating new and used bras

How Your Bra Can Save the World

In a world of finite resources, beset by a slew of climate and environmental concerns, it has never been more important to recycle than it is now. At the Your Smalls Appeal, we believe in using recycled materials as much as possible. This applies to repurposing donated bras, as well

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Educating young girls in Africa

The Importance of Educating Girls in Remote Areas

Here in the UK, a well-rounded education for all children is something that we sometimes take for granted. Whatever a child’s gender or background, they have a right to receive the same level of education as any of their peers. Sadly, this is not the case all around the world.

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Period Poverty

The Cost of Period Poverty

What is Period Poverty? Period poverty occurs when a woman or girl is unable to afford sanitary care to manage her period. The silence around menstruation means that sanitary products are a hidden cost that women all around the world struggle to deal with. Although period poverty is often considered

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