Opportunities and a great chance for the equality of girls.

Opportunities and a great chance for the equality of girls.

Support a Child’s Education in Africa

Here at the ‘Your Smalls Appeal’ we are committed to help and protect some of the Gambia’s poorest girls by giving them the opportunity to go to school. In rural villages in sub-Saharan Africa (of which the Gambia is a part) there is an ongoing education crisis. Less than half the boys in these poor, rural areas attend school on a regular basis and the figures are even worse for girls.

We use your carefully donated funds to support a child’s education in Africa. Specifically, the education of girls living in rural villages across the Gambia. With your help, we can break the current cycle of poverty and encourage empowerment among Africa’s next generation of women.

Why Is There an Education Crisis in Rural Africa?

There are several reasons why the education system in Africa is failing girls from the more remote areas of the continent.

Part of it is to do with infrastructure, with schools being few and far between. Those schools that exist rarely attract the most-qualified teachers, as they can make more money working in the larger towns and cities. Rural village schoolteachers are just as dedicated to their jobs, but must deal with classes of up to 50 or more children (of different ages) at a time.

Another issue is economics. Many children in the Gambia are expected to work for their family from an early age, to bring in money for the household for essential items. Education in Africa is often seen as something frivolous, despite it offering the opportunity to break the poverty cycle.

Thirdly, there are social expectations. Many children of school age in the Gambia have parents who never received an education themselves and do not see the benefits regular schooling can bring to their children. Furthermore, many rural areas in the country do not see education as a fitting experience for girls.

How Can Education Break the Poverty Cycle?

A good education provides countless opportunities for empowerment and self-improvement among young girls. Studies have shown that educated women have more control over their lives and an increased understanding of their own worth and capabilities.

An educated woman can expect a higher salary and a better job than women who have not received a full education.

Girls who receive an education are less likely to get pregnant in their teens and more likely to have fewer pregnancies overall, leading to more sustainable families in the country.

Educated women develop the necessary skills to take on leadership roles both within their community and on a broader stage.

How Does Sponsorship help?

When you sponsor a child’s education in the Gambia, you will be providing them with the cost of their school tuition fees, as well as after-school activities and support. You will also be covering the cost of school books, stationary, and other equipment, essential to their continued education. Some girls may board at the school, while others might require daily transport to and from their home, and your donation will go towards that too.



These are some of the girls we are currently sponsoring in the Gambia. With your help, we are making a real difference in these girls’ lives, but we want to do so much more.


Gender: Girl
My Age: 6 Years old
My Home: Gambia

My date of birth is 26.01.2012. I have 1 sister and I am very shy and enjoy coming to school. 

Your sponsorship allows me to stay at school. I am provided with a place at the school, a uniform, books and food at school.


Gender: Girl
My Age: 5 Years old
My Home: Gambia

My date of birth is 23.01.2014. I have a sister and enjoying to school with her. I love to get stuck in with everything. 

Like my sister, your sponsorship keeps me better equipped while I am at school.


Gender: Girl
My Age: Approx 10 Years old
My Home: Gambia

I have 2 younger brothers. Without your sponsorship, I would not attend school. At school, I am fed, protected and learn.


Gender: Girl
My Age: 12 Years old
My Home: Gambia

I really enjoy coming to school. I help my Mum clean the school every day. My favourite colour is red. My favourite food is Mbahal. Mbahal also known as ‘the poor man’s food’. Common ingredients include fish, rice, peanuts, tomato, black-eyed peas, lemon, cassava, cabbage, salt, pepper, onion, chilli, and various herbs.


Gender: Girl
My Age: 15 Years old
My Home: Gambia

I am 15 and I have a baby girl.

I am still at school and I like Maths & Science. My favourite food is chicken and chips.

How You Can Help

A good education should be a right for all girls in the Gambia. At the Your Smalls Appeal, we are doing what we can to make that dream a reality, but we can only do it with your support.

Sponsor a child in Africa today, to really make a difference.